Michael S. C. Oakland

Unit 14 Director


Why are you running for office?

Being one of the people responsible for the creation of BU 14, I would like to serve this second term to help ensure items get into our contract that will reflect the professionals we are.

What are your goals?

Bring our unit members up to a respectable level in pay as our local and mainland U.S. counterparts. As well as, include language in our contract that helps our members as well as will help the employers. This will decrease adversity and we can jointly concentrate on serving the public.


LT. Michael Oakland, Kapolei Court Section Commander, Airport Patrol Section, K-9 Unit, District Patrol, Sheriff Administration. I am one of the main people who helped all of us get our new bargaining unit after many years of work, and feel with our success at getting the states single highest pay raise in history I would like to help ensure we keep chipping away at the differences in pay and benefits as our counterparts locally and nationally. I believe with my established relationships with council members, several mayors and the legislature I believe I am well equipped to keep helping for one more term.