Show Terms and Conditions / Regulations


  1. This event is a benefit for a charitable organization of HGEA/AFSCME.
  2. The artist, craft or non-craft person, hereafter known as Exhibitor, must be ready for business by 10 AM and shall remain open until 2 PM on all chosen days. Goods may be left overnight in the building, at Exhibitor’s own risk. Booth space shall be cleaned and all items removed from the premises by 4 PM on the last day of the event, unless Exhibitor is otherwise notified.
  3. Booth spaces may vary in size. It shall be the responsibility of Exhibitor to be within the assigned area and not infringe on surrounding exhibitors. No stakes, nails, or tape may be used on any part of the HGEA/AFSCME building, walls, railing or walkways. Should Exhibitor cause any damage to the fair site’s structures or displays, whether deliberate or accidental, said Exhibitor will be liable for the cost of all repairs.
  4. All exhibits must be designed, constructed and operated in good taste and in accordance with the best interest of the event, which HGEA/AFSCME in its sole discretion shall have the right to decide.
  5. Exhibitor agrees to occupy the exhibit space as assigned and to be open and staffed during show hours. In the event Exhibitor does not occupy said space, HGEA/AFSCME is expressly authorized to occupy or cause said space to be occupied as may be deemed in the best interest of the event without any rebates or allowances whatsoever to Exhibitor and without in any way releasing Exhibitor from any liability thereunder. Exhibitor also agrees not to sublet or apportion to anyone else said space or to employ sales agents in lieu of the Exhibit at the event(s). No dealers or representatives shall be eligible without the express written consent of HGEA/AFSCME.
  6. Exhibitor agrees that if accepted for this event, that HGEA/AFSCME is under no obligation to rent space to Exhibitor in future events.
  7. Dates and times are subject to change. These changes shall not affect any terms, conditions and regulations of this contract which are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  8. All sales, publicity and promotional activities conducted by Exhibitor during the event must be confined to Exhibitor’s assigned space. Carnival tactics and the use of public address system shall be forbidden. HGEA/AFSCME in its sole discretion may prohibit the conduct of any activity whatsoever which deems deleterious and not to the best interest of the event.
  9. Liability insurance, if desired, must be obtained by Exhibitor at the individual’s own cost and expense. HGEA/AFSCME assume absolutely no risk; and by the acceptance of this agreement, the Exhibitor expressly releases the above groups of and from any and all liability for any damage, injury or loss to any person or goods which may arise from the rental and occupation of said space by the Exhibitor and the sale or distribution of goods and/or services by the Exhibitor, and agrees to hold and save the above harmless of any loss or damage by reason thereof.
  10. All necessary statutory requirements, including but not limited to business permits, tax licenses (and subsequent tax collections and payments) and health clearance permits (food products), are the responsibility of the Exhibitor.
  11. COST: Booth fees for each 2 day segment is $170 for outdoor and $190 for indoor. One day only, cost is $95 for outdoor and $105 for indoor.
  12. PAYMENT TERMS: Applications must be submitted online with payment by August 31, 2023. If fees are not paid in accordance with above, HGEA/AFSCME reserves the right to replace the Exhibitor in the event.
  13. Booth preference will be given to applicants who apply for both days with payment on a first-come-first-served basis and at the discretion of staff.
  14. CANCELLATION POLICY: HGEA/AFSCME expects that Exhibitor will participate in events for which the Exhibitor has applied and been assigned a space. Since this is a fund-raising event for Kendall Scholarship Fund, the Exhibitor shall receive no refund. No refunds are provided due to inclement weather. Furthermore the HGEA/AFSCME shall not be liable for refunds or any other liabilities whatsoever for the failure to fulfill this contract due to reasons of the site of the event being, before, or during the show, destroyed by fire or other calamity, or by any act of God, public enemy, strikes, statutes, ordinances, or any legal authority, or any other cause beyond their control.
  15. This agreement shall not be considered as a joint venture or partnership between Exhibitor and the HGEA/AFSCME.